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Theme Update…

I am about to update my theme- which is supposedly an antique. If I disappear from view… it’s been swell. -d.

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35 and catching up

I’m finally less than twice her age. The first time in my memory that she’s been away for her birthday. Flying Spirit airlines to Florida for a friend’s wedding. Leaving the kid with me. We’ll have a bunch of fun.

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minor attitude

We were at my place and she seemed a little mopey. She didn’t want to do the things I suggested, seemed bored, and finally said she just didn’t know what to do. I suggested we draw again and she said, … Continue reading

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Dick’s store

Dick Nieman’s store was just up the alley from my home in Pottstown. It was a small place, but played a big part in everyone’s lives. It was a time when small grocers existed in every neighborhood, but were starting … Continue reading

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hers, not mine

She handed me this beautiful landscape when I dropped her off last evening. Included was a card “to the best Granmpop ever.” She had mentioned the card and picture when she got off the bus. She didn’t give them to … Continue reading

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old reflection

Every now and then when I’m in an ambitious reflective mood I’ll launch an archive of my old work blog and scan through several posts. I guess I still wonder what happened. I know I’ll never figure it out. I … Continue reading

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meter cheater, 1973

A bit silly to go to lengths to avoid paying nickles for parking, I readily admit. There was a challenge, though, and it was well met. This story was on the evening news then on the front page of the … Continue reading

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granddaughter’s pics

Too much time’s been spent on my work and not enough on the littleone’s. She continues to paint and draw. When she visited yesterday, she asked to paint, then told me not to watch. Watching is always a big part … Continue reading

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surprising glance

I can now say that facebook has made a positive contribution to my life. I belong to an fb group of generally older people who grew up in my hometown – Pottstown – and use the group to reminisce. I … Continue reading

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this just seemed to follow

I had everything out. Might as well play.

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