Color Plate 11

Toads having muffins in their kitchen, with their adopted son, the ball player.

Well that was lucky. I had no real desire to see what kind of creatures were making that noise in the barn. The ballplayer’s dad was at the table looking at a big basket of muffins. Mom sat a mug across the table from him.

“Good morning, sir.” Good start, anyway. “Your son is a remarkable ball player.”

“He’s pretty remarkable at everything he tries. Thankfully he’s trying to help his family just now.”

“Is that why he has a job at the Inn?” I asked. I figured I’d jump right to it.

“Pretty much. It wouldn’t be what we’d chose if things were different. But they are what they are.” I would have asked a little more but the ballplayer came in with his little sister. They were a real team, the little one idolizing the big brother.

2 replies on “Color Plate 11”

  1. So great to see the next frame of the story. So many interesting details in this scene. The honeybee artwork and the taped up kids drawings are such special touches. I am still disturbed by Dad’s leg stump. Poor guy. Now I want to try one Mom’s muffins. I imagine they are sweet w/ collected honey.

    1. Thanks, Kim. The muffins aren’t mom’s. They’re from the café where the ballplayer works. They take pretty good care of him.

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