poster fair

In the early 2000s I did an annual workshop on preparing graduate and undergraduate poster fair posters. I ran it for over five years and eventually I reached a point where I couldn’t find the time. And I thought a move to digital presentations was inevitable. I kept the material in my Penn State web space and even twenty years later I received requests from all over the world for the information. When Penn State closed the personal server and hence, all its web sites, I thought the need was finally gone. Over the past year, though, I’ve received several requests for larger versions of the poster. Apparently, the main image has been used and credited in other websites, and the link it provided is now broken. So here it is again:

The image above—a poster about making posters—links to a much larger version. The original website is now in my space, too I removed links in the guide and on the site that went to other postershow help pages- they were all dead.