the McCloud reading

From November 2010 when our small reading group wrote reaction papers to readings in the New Media Reader. The last reading was a chapter from Scott McCloud’s classic, Understanding Comics and it was in comic format. My response, obviously, needed to be in the same comic format, so I stepped directly into Scott’s work to have a private word with him. I cracked me up, anyway…

McCloud cartoon send-up.
McCloud cartoon send-up.
McCloud cartoon send-up.
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3 Responses to the McCloud reading

  1. Derick Burns says:

    Dave, this is awesome! I know you said this was from 2010, but I am seeing it for the first time. Your talent, creativity, and output always continues to amaze and impress me. If Scott McCloud is going to break the 4th wall in his book, you shatter it with a brilliant response. My only complaint is that you should have given yourself muscles as Batman. :)

  2. Derick Burns says:

    Oh, yeah! I would love to see something like this with an issue of The Walking Dead. Now that would be fun!

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