Brownies; 1 cup melted chocolate, 2 eggs,one half cup milk, one quarter cup water one and a half cups sugar, 1 cup flour.

On Thursday, my granddaughter got off the school bus with a paper in her hand. Usually her hands are free to play and all papers are in her backpack. As we walked up the driveway, she showed me the paper and told me it was a recipe for brownies that she wrote. It looked simple yet pretty good and I asked where she’d gotten it. “I just made it up, Grampop. I want to make them.” I was willing to facilitate the project but we just didn’t have chocolate to melt.

The young lady proudly holding her plate of brownies. When Mom got home and I was about to leave, we talked about the recipe. We agreed that I could bring chocolate chips the next day-she said she didn’t want to use her Halloween candy. So right after school on Friday I showed her the chocolate I brought- dark chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips. She tasted them both and picked the milk chocolate. I figured as much.

So I let her run with it. I helped by melting the chocolate, suggesting a suitable pan and sliding the brownies into the oven. They were pretty soupy and took about 50 minutes to cook. But cook they did. When they’d cooled down, she cut them and arranged them on a plate for mom. Dang it.

I did eventually get to eat a finished brownie and they weren’t bad: mildly chocolatey, tender, and over all quite tasty.