minor attitude

Abstract expressionist drawing

We were at my place and she seemed a little mopey. She didn’t want to do the things I suggested, seemed bored, and finally said she just didn’t know what to do. I suggested we draw again and she said, “Okay. First I’ll draw, then you can draw.” She picked up a box of colored pencils and did the first picture. Pretty cool. I’d sneaked a peek, and saw her hold all the colored pencils in her hand at the same time and use them for a bit of scribble. I told her it looked pretty cool; was it a leaf or a fish?

“It’s. A. DRAWING, grampop.” Add eye roll. Then she drew the second one. “THIS is a goldfish.”

Drawing of a fish

Okay. You need a smarty response- “It’s not gold…,” I said. The light was bad and I couldn’t see the outline was orange. She picked up the orange pencil again and dashed a scribble inside the body and tail.

“There” Major eye roll. I love the pictures. And the attitude. Though, I can’t imagine all of her teachers would like her attitude too. Only the better ones.

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