flattening the curve

Daughter and granddaughter in a wagon on a graph.

On March 11, Bellefonte schools closed – first for spring break, then the following week on the Governor’s orders. Shortly after, county workers had to work from home. So my kid has been sequestered with her kid for two months in an attempt to limit contact with the virus and thereby ease the burden facing medical staff. Flattening the curve – changing the graphic shape of the visual representation of incidents requiring medical intervention and the use of limited supplies. Regardless of politics, finances, or social pressures, this is both demanding and exhilarating in ways I’ve never experienced and can only imagine.

…and even though I edited this and had it reprinted twice before my daughter’s birthday, the little one appears here much too small. Seeing her sporadically, with each visit she seems to be growing at an astounding rate.

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