another coloring page

Black and white drawing of child reaching through a mail slot to pet a cat.

Again, I took way too long; started in June. I guess this was faster than the first, but still. The little guy is Skullboy. Known as “My spooky guy,” the folks at Jabebo let my granddaughter pick him out for her birthday. She loves him and loves to color- We’ll see how the two work out.

The Jabebo Studio is owned by some wonderful people!

Edit added:
Apparently while I was finishing this post, my granddaughter rendered her own version of Spooky Guy. Her mom just sent it to me; I love it!

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2 Responses to another coloring page

  1. Kim says:

    Love this! Great capture in time of her wearing your hat. I wonder how much longer that will last? I see you put Minerva kitty in the scene, I always look for her when I walk by. Hope to see her colored version of this one day.

    • davidstong says:

      Thanks, Kim. Now she’ll mostly hold my hat for me so it doesn’t blow away- I carry her and she reaches up and holds the hat brim. In this scene, she’s reaching through the mail slot to try to pet Minerva. Often, when the shop is closed there’ll be a group out front calling Minerva. She’s a sweety. I post a color version when I get one!

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