Saturn hit

On Friday, December 15, 2023, my granddaughter and I returned to my parked Saturn on Spring Street. As we checked the meter, three women came out of the Monarch beauty salon and yelled that someone had just hit my car and went down Cherry alley. “It was a dark orange-ish red pick-up.” They showed me pictures and a movie clip from their outdoor camera. My granddaughter and I walked down the alley to the VFW parking lot where we found the truck, got the license number, and noted the scratches where my car was struck. I called 911.

In the video, you can see the Saturn lurching. Fortunately, it was in gear with the parking brake on- otherwise the car behind me would’ve been damaged, too.

The Chevy Colorado going down the alley into the VFW lot.

The officer responding went into the bar to find the driver. He came out, followed by the driver, who was inebriated but coherent. The officer seemed to think the driver would make good and we agreed to work without reporting to insurance.

I enhanced the license in Photoshop; it reads YVC-0620.

I opened the photo of the Colorado in Photoshop and lightly sharpened the license area. It’s fuzzy, but legible.

The damage to my Saturn: a broken turn signal/headlight unit, a detached front skirt, and a bad scuff on the finish.

My car suffered a cracked head light assembly, a broken bulb that I replaced so it was safe to drive, a detached lower skirt that the Monarch staff said actually pulled off hooked to the truck but snapped back (It’s plastic.), a deep scuff in the finish, and a battery problem that may or may not be linked to the crash.

The damage to the Colorado where it brushed my car, punctured the light and snagged the skirt.

This is the truck where it side swiped my car.

The staff of the Monarch Beauty Salon on Spring Street was extremely helpful. They shared the video and photos as well as offered a place to relax and sit while we waited. They even had candy for my granddaughter. Wonderful folks!

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