hers, not mine

Collage landscape.

She handed me this beautiful landscape when I dropped her off last evening. Included was a card “to the best Granmpop ever.” She had mentioned the card and picture when she got off the bus.

Surrounded by four snowmen. She didn’t give them to me then but instead handed me this picture of four snowmen. “It’s early morning…see the bright colors? That’s how you can tell. And one snowman is holding a cup of hot coffee. See the steam lines?” Yep I see the steam lines. And she confirmed the one snowman is indeed a pirate, “See? He’s holding a sword.”

2 replies on “hers, not mine”

  1. These are wonderful! Love the perspective of the snowmen with the sky above them.
    Was she studying VanGogh Starry Night, as the yellow sunshine marks remind me of it for some reason… Shinny Morning perhaps?

    1. I’ll tell her you said they were wonderful. She’ll be tickled, I’m sure. I definitely see Van Gogh,too; cool to think they’d look at his work in first grade.

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