folder icons

Seven folders with colored labels on a mac desktop.

I just wasted a few hours. I’ve been irritated by labels on my computer- the File menu says I can add color labels but I just wind up with standard cyan folders with little colored text under them. See them in the top image? For visual display, I want the folders themselves to turn color. This morning, I thought what the heck, why not make my own icons and attach them myself?

Seven folders with colored labels on a mac desktop.

It took a couple hours making the graphic, taking seven of them into IconComposer to turn Photoshop’s PNG files into ICNS files (Why doesn’t Photoshop support ICNS? Or for that matter PNG8 with multiple levels of transparency? Stupid Photoshop) and attaching them to some folders. As you can see, I got it done.

Then I discovered that you can do it all in place with Preview. I didn’t even know Preview did anything. Silly me. So I waste my time. The color controls are a bit hard to use if you want to get something specific, so I’ll continue to use my own. If you want to try it, just go to Youtube and search “Change folder color on a Mac”. Well, duh.

If you like mine and want a set, they’re here in a zip file. Each folder has the icon attached, but also has the icns inside.

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