rubbish bin

A dozen old sketches.

What do I do with piles of sketches? In books, in folders, laying loose. When I moved to Bellefonte six years ago, I cleared out what I thought was most of it, but I keep turning up more. flickr does an interesting job of aggregating the stuff- sizing the images I uploaded so they fit in even rows. The elm tree looks the smallest here in this screen grab from flickr. It is the largest illustration of the bunch: maybe eight inches tall. The pepsi truck is a small doodle. For me, though, the arbitrary size doesn’t matter. The cluster of images is satisfying and I didn’t have to code each one. I think that’s the answer I need- easy enough, an adequate reminder (remember Onion Head?), and I can dump all the paper.

I’ve been struggling with the implications of this. I’ve already decided to work for me, so images serve a personal purpose. Life notes, maybe? I just found a pile of matted images- some pencil wash and some pen and ink. They’re all far too precious in their mats and need to be stripped bare.


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2 Responses to rubbish bin

  1. Kim says:

    What about an old fashioned Portfolio, so can leaf through it, or is that too much work… and take up too much space?

    • davidstong says:

      Friends at the restaurant actually gave me one as a parting gift! Having a dedicated space helped for years, but it was still a storage problem. And it made the stuff a little too precious. That portfolio was part of what left during the last purge.

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