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A friend picked up the calling card for two young soldiers in Lewistown. He scanned it and asked if I could clean it up. That much was pretty standard digital clean-up, though there were an abundance of JPEG fragments. It … Continue reading

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another sketch

This was actually done long before the frog I just posted. I like this style, it’s easier to execute, and has me rethinking the whole project. I may depend more on words and dialog than I’d originally planned, just inseting … Continue reading

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Sketching around a bit. This is the first reasonable frog. It’s the white mouse’s little brother. Emotion on a fairly stiff face is difficult. This guy needs to look as much like a real frog as the mice look like … Continue reading

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Help Me Play CoronaVille !

The students will be heading back in the Fall. We still need more masks, more respirators, and hospital beds with ventilators. Will you play? Edit 08/02/2020: Fun for me. I keep tweaking vectors. Adding fence. Adding ambulances (ambuli?) Closing gaps … Continue reading

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One scary dude; believe me, I know. I deal with him on a regular basis. The local museum had several online activities to entertain folks during the plague. This one was called “Classy Stachey” and I was immediately appalled. The … Continue reading

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baptistbaptist store

My earliest memories are of little me in this neighborhood. Going next door to Dot Raidey’s kitchen to help myself to cookies from the drawer under her stove. Wiping out in a snow saucer with my mom, her laughing, face … Continue reading

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local shirts

I’ve struggled with the term local as in buy local, shop local, eat local. When I lived in another town I used their local farmer’s market and first saw the sumptuous color poster of fruit, vegetable and a farm with … Continue reading

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save the bees

Well, maybe not save them completely, but help fund research by coloring. Comvita’s “Bee-Inspired Coloring Contest” runs until May 31. Go there and download a picture to color or totally create your own. Comvita will donate $5 to The Nature … Continue reading

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flattening the curve

On March 11, Bellefonte schools closed – first for spring break, then the following week on the Governor’s orders. Shortly after, county workers had to work from home. So my kid has been sequestered with her kid for two months … Continue reading

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latin banquet

After my mother died, my brother and I had to find time to clean out the house we grew up in- an old three story, full-basement brick almost victorian home in Pottstown. Over that spring and summer we’d each take … Continue reading

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