Behind the Eaves

Small door.
1. A small door located high in the third floor hallway. It requires a 12' ladder for access.
2. The initial view through the door.
3. Through the entrance there is a raised platform: the hall ceiling right above the access door. The ladder on the left goes up to a hatch for roof access. The small door on the right goes through a brick wall separating the two sides of the arcade. Straight ahead there's a low passageway into the space beneath the steeple.
4. Looking into the upper, eastern, side of the arcade. The light coming across the rafters from the left is from the small lunette window in the eastern gable, overlooking West High Street.
5. After crawling through a very low opening you can stand on rough boards inside the steeple. There are what appears to be crude ladders in the rear corners to climb onto a second layer of boards serving as a floor in the peak.
Wooden ceiling with water dripping through a large hole.
6. On the western side, this is looking up into the gable. Water is clearly dripping.
Wet spot on the wooden floor.
7. This is the floor on the western side directly under the gable.
Boards, brick, and a half circle of plywood.
8. Looking at the western gable, showing the boarded up lunette window that blew in during the storm.
Semi-circular window set in old, crumbling brick.
9. The lunette window on the eastern end of the building, overlooking Talleyrand Park and Water Street.
Talleyrand Park through the semicircular window..
10. A closer view of Talleyrand Park through the lunette window on the eastern end of the Arcade. The glass is slightly distorted, but it's also raining.
Closer look at the bad condition of the wood in the lunette window.
11. The wood of the lunette windows is in pretty bad shape. The one that blew in during the storm barely hangs together.
Closer look at the bad condition of the wood in the lunette window.
12. The structure of some beams and the open rafters in the southwest corner. There's lathe and plaster visible between the rafters.
A keystone shaped blue sign with a large K on it.
13. This sign is leaning against the central dividing wall with some old doors.
A brick corner with a wooden post with several cross pieces..
14. This view is in the steeple. There is a wooden structure like this in the two street side corners. I thought they were rudimentary ladders for accessing the peak, but they could have supported shelves, too.
A brick corner with a wooden post with several cross pieces..
15. There's a small, oval window on the eastern side of the steeple. The view through it shows West High Street with Bonfatto's and My Buzz Cafe.
An oval window with wooden radial muntins.
16. This is the entire window. This is the only window in the steeple.
A view through the steeple's window showing some of the arcade roof.
17. Another view out the steeple's window, showing more of the roof.
A closer view showing the poor condition of the wood.
18. A closer view of the window showing the construction and deteriorated condition of the wood. And the spider nests.
Bright strips of light shining through the darkeded roof..
19. The roof of the arcade and a few of the many openings.
Darkened walls and beams, with some light shining on two separate wires passing through small ceramic insulators.
20. Looking towards the eastern end, one of the beams still shows the old, exposed electric wires.
Mostly dark with two foreground beams highlighted.
21. Light from the lunette window elluminating beams and rafters on the eastern side.
A network of beams and rafters just visible.
22. The network of beams just visible on the eastern side.
Inside view of a lunette window in a brick wall.
23. The lunette window in the eastern gable.
View through the lunette window down onto an intersection with a stream in the background.
24. View of High and Water Streets, with Spring Creek, all through the lunette window.