Digital drawing of a spaceship and dark sky.
Party on the Moon

It’s always a treat to have a conversation with my granddaughter. We got gas at the local market and decided to go in for a couple of pastries. When we finished pumping, someone claimed the last parking space. I suggested driving around the block but she was a little concerned we’d miss an opportunity. I pulled off the lot and sat on a side street where we could see the cars. The guy who grabbed the last space was back out quickly and I drifted forward.

When he didn’t start backing out, I braked and said, “oh come on, buddy.”

The kid said, “He’s probably on his phone, grampop.”

Perfect observation. And relaxed, too; which I wasn’t.

Later we were stopped at a light. Through the front window we could see a camper parked under some evergreens. She said, “There’s a trailer.”

I said, “Yeah I see it. It has a plastic sheet over it. Maybe it has a hole in the roof.”

“I think they covered it just to keep bits of nature from falling on it and making it dirty.”

Parked under pine trees. Yeah, I bet you’re right. And you think about parties on the moon.

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