a political post

I’m scared of what’s to come in our country’s civil cold war.

Regardless of the outcome of the mid-term elections, a large body of Americans will have their hatred and resolve deepen. A large body of Americans will have the affirmation of a viewpoint renew confidence in their own perceptions and path. I see neither as a win.

Which is not to say I have no opinions. I do. Regardless of which side’s analysis I get I find myself wondering, “How could you possibly say that based on the information we both clearly received?”. News clips that one friend is “aghast” at, have me doubting my friend’s vision and wondering what happened to their discernment. Links to “shocking” news from other friends have me in doubt of their vision, too. Behavior from both masquerades as righteous, and obviously must feel that way. Neither is willing to accept the merit in another point-of-view since neither will look deeper than what they see justifies their contempt.

The Red and the Blue. Each has true facts that were hidden and denied by the other. Each is predicting the revelation that will finally put someone in jail. Each side has leaders who should be jailed. Each side points to major parts of our government that failed in their basic roles, acted to deceive the American public, showed extreme partisan bias. People, programs, philosophies are wrong because they’re the wrong color. The Red or the Blue.

What happened to the intelligent, the kind, the generous, the thoughtful? How is it that you can’t see? Social media’s silos of perception make us each royalty in our own tiny worlds, and it’s good to be royal. Will elections in two months save us? In two years? Have you just heard me point out what’s wrong with one political party while sadly misunderstanding yours?


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