thirtytwo and almost four

Mother and child drawn in pencil.

Wow, I love this drawing so much. “There’s mommy. I’ll put me over here. And I’ll give me pigtails. Maybe mommy, too.” The cheeks and eyelashes are an addition I’ve never seen when she does me and her. Crazy. No training that I’m aware of- purely her own.

Mother and child working on school work.

When I first showed this digital file to my granddaughter, she recognized her mom, then herself. The floor she didn’t understand. When she saw the actual printed card, she smiled and said, “That’s my mommy!” Then she recognized herself and the juicebox. This time she said, “It’s at home! See the squares?” (Meaning the pattern in the rug) Fun stuff.

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2 Responses to thirtytwo and almost four

  1. Cindy says:

    AWESOME!!! Love the card and Hailey’s artwork! She is definitely your granddaughter!!!

    • dave says:

      Thanks, Cindy! It’s fascinating watching her and hearing her explanations while she draws. I try hard not to influence her because I usually don’t fully understand. I hope she sees it as fun.

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