Granddaughter in a snow fort surrounded by imaginary characters.

A fun time for me in both participating in the encampment and doing the final photo illustration.

We went to the field across the street, dragging our sled, looking for bad guys to throw snowballs at. The “CDA” was the latest bunch of baddies, straight out of Monsters, Inc. Sledding was rough, though. Even walking was difficult. The four inches of powder had an inch of icy crust on top that broke apart and snagged our feet. Instead of throwing powdery snowballs, we discovered that we could use the broken chunks of ice to build a wall. The wall soon became three walls, and that became our fort. As we worked, my granddaughter pointed out the characters that were helping. “There’s Judy Hop. She’ll help us” or “There goes George. We have to shave him.” All her regulars showed up, many didn’t make it into the picture. Maybe they will another time. Anna and Elsa were just off-camera playing with Pongo and all of the Dalmatian puppies. Later, on seeing the photo, my granddaughter said, “Why isn’t Bat Pat on my head?” and “Why does Sully have your coffee?” Good questions.

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  1. Cindy says:

    AWESOME!!! I wanna play!

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