folding phone?

The image is from a blog post I wrote in July of 2007. I really don’t mean to brag about saying it first. I’m sure I wasn’t first. In fact, the concept is such a “no brainer” that I’m sure everyone working on phones thought of it. So. Why did it take so long? A phone with a hinge like a flip phone with screens on both sides. They’re protected. They’re twice as big. Right? Geez.

What prompted me dragging this old stuff out again was an ad I saw recently for the Samsung Galaxy X. Distinctly not an Apple product. Maybe I’ll get one. Put it in Airplane mode. Turn on Wifi. No stupid phone plan, just a wifi device and access to the net. Too bad it’s ugly…

Apple. They pioneered multiple screen technology. I had two Apple monitors when I started in ’95. What’s the damn problem?

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