coloring page

Black and white drawing of child leaving the local donut shop.

This took way too long; not so sure about completing a coloring book. Eye surgery was part of the delay, but still, a simple drawing shouldn’t take months. When my granddaughter saw it, she asked, “Is that me? Why am I all white?” I guess I need to print a few and let her color it.

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4 Responses to coloring page

  1. gary chinn says:

    this is great, though. excellent likeness. the girl, not the donut. ;)

    • davidstong says:

      Thanks, Gary. Thanks for stopping by. Try the pdf; it prints pretty well. (Geez, I thought I captured Howie the donut pillow pretty well… )

  2. Kim says:

    You need to print a few and color one along side Hailey.
    Then, give one as a thank you to Dam Donuts.
    I bet they would love it.

    I would be interested to discuss what it was that, in your
    opinion took so long?

    Would love to see a day in the life of Hailey.
    Maybe even a calendar to share w/ others
    In her life.

    • davidstong says:

      Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by. I posted a copy to the shop’s facebook page just for kicks. They really engage with my granddaughter whenever they see her. We did color together- each separately at first, then she climbed onto my lap with a gel pen and started to “color the window for [me].” It was fun, but that was the idea in the first place; fun for the two of us. A more extensive book would just take this old guy way too long. I shot a pillow reference photo last November; eight months is too long. Photo of a donut mascot pillow.

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