a music video

Man do I hate taking pictures.

I’ve enjoyed my granddaughter’s one man band for several days now. It just started this week: she turned on the electronic rhythm, picked up a plastic maraca and harmonica, and started playing. Last week she just danced. It’s a pretty cool development. I don’t think she’s ever seen anything similar. Maybe there was Goofy as a one-man-band in Mickey’s Circus. The concert happened spontaneously several times and I finally thought to grab the iPad and capture a few seconds.

My problem is that I’d rather watch her than take pictures. Especially moving pictures that require I step even further out of the moment. You see, I can tell that for a three-year-old this is pretty cute; after all, I’ve watched it all week. But this video really pains me. I think she may have stopped because I shifted in my chair. Then I stopped shooting. When she stood and looked at me – right at me – she said, “How do you like my music?”

It was a wonderful moment. Missed by the camera. My finger was touching the button as she started to speak. I can’t see the video without being annoyed with it. And really, that filming process and the result kept me from fully enjoying the concert and aftermath. Damn, I hate cameras. Maybe it will be different once everyone is seeing life through their phone, and they’re always on.

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