Bellefonte police officer Gary Shaw outside of the Elementary school.

This past week my family lost its patriarch. He was a figure known, admired, and loved throughout the community. My daughter loved him. My granddaughter played on his lap. Though we’d been introduced and mumbled friendly greetings twice, I didn’t know the man. Regardless of differences, we managed to raise children that fell in love. That speaks to the potential for friendship, and I always thought that one of these days we’d sit down over some bourbon and have a friendly chat. Sadly, that will never happen.

What I feel mostly is the loss of that opportunity. I’ll regret it for the rest of the time I have, certainly. I can hear stories and look at pictures, but neither represents the man I could have engaged at any time. Now I fear the side-long glances from those who may have worked with him or loved him and deserve the sense of camaraderie with a hero. I do not. I do, however, feel protective of my granddaughter and daughter, and the man my daughter married. I know the family will recover and move forward. I so wish my daughter had that extra person to rely on. I wish my granddaughter had a “Pap.” And I wish we would have had a bourbon or two before he left.

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3 Responses to loss

  1. Pat Besong says:

    Sorry to hear. Mostly for the lost opportunity. Bourbon is good. Mending fences better.

    • Pat Besong says:

      guess i misread it. thought there was some animosity for some reason, but you just never got to connect in a meaningful way i guess.

  2. Kim says:

    So sorry for your families loss and lost opportunity. The loss is mutual I imagine, so lift one up for him some day. I will toast you both, that you will meet in another dimension and be able to have time to chat.

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