How it’s going

Five-inch wide yellow paper stars hanging from my ceiling.

Drawing of a stuffed bee. In another few weeks, my grand daughter will be a year old. A few weeks after that I’ll have been her caregiver for a year. It’s been and continues to be great. As an update to anyone curious about how I spend my time, I’ll say that I’ve stopped any pretense of free-lance. I also avoid the graphic design favors that used to take up so much time: I hate to disappoint friends, but I only have so much time and energy, so much capacity for focus. Most seem to understand. Maybe things will change again.

Drawing of the popular plastic giraffe.

Drawing of the sock monkey.

Drawing of Violet the hippo.

The first photo is a snapshot across my ceiling. A star field. It was a real kick the first time her face lit up with a smile and she pointed to the stars. She points them out now every day. The characters are drawings that are, like the stars, hanging on monofilament line. They represent familiar toys in our world and, like the stars, evoke a smile of recognition. I’ve never felt my work has been more appreciated. They’re simple, fun to do cartoons that first, amuse me. Paper is fun. We’ll be getting crayons pretty soon.

This is the weekend. I’ll have a few moments to think and draw, and another character will pop up for Monday. Better get to it; this post has already taken more time than I expected.

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  1. Pat says:

    Geez, those are so cool. To heck with freelance work. You could sell them. The problem with freelance work is that you’re doing what someone else wants you to do and more often than not they’re not completely happy (or at least that’s been my experience). There’s something really cool about making something just because you wanted to make it and having people willing to pay you for it.

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