Me at seven, on the couch with my sock monkey.

What belongs in this spot? I'm not sure. Other blogs have Bios, but I never read them. Even when visiting blogs that are used, like this one, as a display case for the owner's creative work, I'm never compelled to read a bio. So it's hard to understand what questions need to be answered.

I make pictures. I like it, and I like making illustrations. Am I an illustrator? I don't know. If I say yes, can I still make animations? Can I still try to write? Can I go out with my pastels and make plein aire landscapes? You see, there's a problem. If I say who I am and what I do I create a set of expectations that could on one hand over-sell who I really am, and on the other limit who I might be through growth, exploration, or winning a lot of money in a lottery.

I'll try this: My work as shown here and in other blogs, represents what I've done up till now with life's changing network of stimulus and possibility. I don't know what's next. I'll assume that I'll continue with Pencil drawing of my 50 year old sock the very least the same curiosity and capabilities that I've developed and shown already. Hopefully, those things hint at paths that expand and improve with every step. Well, maybe every step is a bit idealistic…

To contact me, my Penn State drs18 email account will continue to forward messages, and I have a gmail account as drstong. Thanks!